Email Marketing

Local businesses that are unfamiliar with email marketing will many times not understand the significance of it. There are many misconceptions about spam emails and if local consumers will even read their message. Also, with the advent of blogs and Twitter, is there really a need for email marketing? The answer is a big . . .YES!

Modern email marketing campaigns along with database segmentation and integration dramatically help to improve the targeting and effectiveness of email marketing messages. In addition, there are even very advanced methods that can generate on-the-fly emails that are customized down to an individual recipient.

And every email campaign you send out will generates a large volume of actionable data about your client and potential client lists that you can use to refine your marketing approach and sales messages.

  • Specific targeting and segmentation
  • Data driven
  • Promotes direct sales
  • Builds loyalty, relationships, and trust
  • Supports sales through other mediums

Email promotions can generate immediate actions such as: sales, downloads of coupons, inquiries and pricing quotes, registrations, etc. In addition, informational email newsletters can drive consumers to upcoming events, survey consumer interests, increase awareness, promote your brand, strengthen exciting customer relations and even encourage trust and loyalty.

Before you make a decision on marketing with a email marketing campaign, we encourage you to learn more about Digital Impact® and how our experience in conversion friendly designs and local marketing can give you a competitive advantage in your local area and start generating new clients on a monthly basis.

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