Content Marketing

The budding entrepreneurs who spend countless dollars on pay-per-click (PPC) ads and other advertising means are failing to recognize one important aspect of marketing:

Content is king.

Whether it’s how-to videos or an infographic with tips for doing something related to your industry, content marketing speaks to people. Of course, it’s one thing to say content is king, but when you recognize these benefits, you’ll undoubtedly agree.


Establishment as a Thought Leader

Marketers who produce useful content have a distinct advantage over their competition:

They establish themselves as thought leaders.

When consumers need to make a purchase, they want to know that they’re going to someone knowledgeable. So whether you invest in content marketing services or just handle it on your own, you want to stand out as someone who knows their stuff.

The realization that expertise brings in more customers is likely why the use of content in marketing strategies has increased so exponentially. Just look at the B2B statistics from 2014:




When you make a purchase, you want only the best from people who are experts, right? The same is true for your potential clients.


Drives Targeted Traffic While Increasing SEO Rank

Maybe the most significant reason to engage in content marketing is the fact that it drives targeted traffic to your website, and this in turn increases your SEO rank. Before explaining targeted traffic, there’s one statistic that makes it obvious ranking high on Google is imperative:


Over 90 percent of Google’s clicks come from the first page.

This means that, if your site shows up on Page 2, it’s much less likely to be seen. Fortunately, content targeted to your audience, whether it be videos, infographics, blogs or any other content type, draws your customers to your site. Make sure the content is useful, and this will lead them to share the information and stay on your Web page longer.


More Affordable than Traditional Marketing

The simple fact of the matter is that traditional marketing is no longer the economical choice. Just look at the below graph and you’ll understand why content marketing services, an inbound technique, can save your company money.





There’s no debate left to be had: Content marketing is king. It trumps traditional marketing techniques and, in the end, implementing these methods can pay off big time for your company.