Call Tracking

Digital Impact® realizes that tracking only your online conversions when a visitor submits a form or sends an email misses a huge segment of consumers in your specific local area. Over 78% of leads for a local business are in the form of a telephone call. Most of the time, a consumer would rather pick up the phone and call instead of filling out an online form.


With theDigital Impact® “Smart” technology software you have the unique ability to track all phone calls and determine which keyword and search engine determined that offline conversion with great accuracy.

The Digital Impact® “Smart” Dynamic Call Tracking Technology displays a unique number on your website based on each visitor’s entrance path. Our “Smart” technology is able to differentiate phone calls by region, area, traffic source, online or offline campaign, or even the individual keyword or keyword phrases.

All incoming calls that are generated through our campaigns are still routed to your main telephone number. However, the dynamic phone numbers we display allow our “Smart” technology software to determine exactly how each and every caller found and came to your website.

In addition, Digital Impact® will pull caller ID information for each call and record the entire call for playback at the client’s discretion. Digital Impact® compiles all of this data in an easy reporting platform which includes detailed demographic data about all callers generated from your website.

Numerous clients have taken advantage of our call tracking technology to improve the way their employees answer incoming calls and also to reduce the amount of unanswered phone calls with immediate notification when a call is missed or goes to voicemail. Digital Impact® allows you to accurately determine your ROI with the most quantifiable data available…call tracking – recorded phone calls.

Before you spend a dollar on any advertising venue or publication, we encourage you to learn more about the Digital Impact® “Smart” Dynamic Call Tracking System and how you can hold all of your advertising accountable and give yourself a competitive advantage in your local area. We believe if we can prove an advertising venue or publication is not generating phone calls there is no reason to continue to pay for it.

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